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Public Protector Declines Investigation Into R1 Billion Cannabis Research Maladministration

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Please quote this reference in your correspondence: 7/2 -004187/13

Enquiries: Adv. L Yousuf
Tel: 012 366 7160 I Fax: 086 625 8233
E-mail: lailay@pproteclorg
Mr AH Du Plessis
PER EMAIL: Intemafrica@gmail.com

Dear Mr Du Plessis


The above subject matter refers.

Kindly be informed that we have considered your request to review the decision
taken in respect of your complaint against the Department of Health.
In terms of the Public Protector’s policy on review, the decision to undertake a review
is not automatic. If one is dissatisfied or does not agree with a decision or the
outcome of an investigation, the duty is on him/her to supply sufficient evidence to
persuade the Public Protector that a review is justified. The purpose of a review is to
confirm whether the process undertaken to handle your matter was fair and
reasonable. It is not to conduct a separate or new investigation.

A review will only be considered on the basis of the following grounds:

1. If the complainant believes that a decision is wrong because it was made
based on incomplete or inaccurate evidence or information that contained
inaccurate facts, and he/she can show this using readily available information;
and/ or

2. If there is new and relevant information that was not previously available and
has a material effect on the decision made.

After considering all factors submitted in support of your request for a review, we
have come to a conclusion that the reasons you have provided are not adequate to
justify looking in to the matter again . We regret to inform you that that there is
nothing further that our office can assist you with.

Therefore our file remains closed.

Kind Regards

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