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Open Letter to Pearl Thusi

Hi Pearl

I am writing you this letter because you recently popped up on my dagga radar for a second time.

First of all I want to say that my interest is not to slander or “skinder”.

I believe most of the South African dagga culture pray on the end of their roach that the rumor is true. We are pretty hard pressed for local dagga heroes. We have Jules, Myrtle and Jeremy whom we cherish and respect greatly, but there is no other South African celebrity that openly admits the use of cannabis.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi

How sad is the Top 10 list of famous dagga smokers in South Africa

The US has Willie Nelson, Snoop Lion, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Michael Phelps, Robin Williams, Seth Rogan, the list is genuinely endless.

My goal here is to convey a positive message; Nobody should be afraid to speak the truth about cannabis. I would like to encourage you to brush up on your dagga education. There is a lot of information regarding the history of dagga that is not so apparent.

Before I bombard you with a few short links, that you must investigate, let me tell you if that photographer had a photo of you smoking dagga he should have a copy of it on his SD memory card. Merely breaking the camera does not destroy the picture. Therefor I believe you are speaking the truth and that he was ultimately mad at himself for invading your privacy and I am not here to judge your actions, in all honesty, in the original context he deserved it. He was not in his place to invade your private time. What a sour loser he is for making up stories with malicious intent.

Here is a short excerpt on the history of dagga in South Africa. This is the foundation of dagga laws, based on nothing but racist- and malicious intent, a superstition that is kept in-effect today by the ignorant…

Dagga was first outlawed in South Africa in 1870 to control Indian workers in KwaZulu-Natal (Dagga is a traditional herb in the Hindu faith). By 1911 dagga was outlawed for all Africans except mine workers and by 1925 the exception was revoked to control and oppress the members of the newly formed National Union of Mine workers (NUM). Effectively doing so by making Dagga illegal. The oppressive racist State disrupted the economic well being and culture of indigenous people. – True History of Dagga

Please find below a list of informative links

dagga.za.net/dagga {Origin of the word dagga}

dagga.za.net/truth {Dagga The Truth by Dagga Couple}

dagga.za.net/history {Prohibition & Resistance: A Socio-Political Exploration of the Changing Dynamics of the Southern African Cannabis Trade, c. 1850 – the present. By Craig Patterson}

dagga.za.net/health {The most extensive medical dagga reference list.}

dagga.za.net/union {Dagga Union of South Africa}

dagga.za.net/rights {A South African guide to (NOT) being arrested by Dagga Couple}
dagga.za.net/bill {Relinquish Dagga Law Bill}
dagga.za.net/bills {Bills Repository}
dagga.za.net/poll {Latest Poll}
dagga.za.net/poll/main {Should Dagga Be Legalised Poll}
dagga.za.net/poll/dagga {Best South African Dagga Strain Poll}
dagga.za.net/knowledge {Knowledgebase}
dagga.za.net/drive {Cannabis Awareness Drive To Government}

I truly hope that you stand up for daggafarians regardless of whether you yourself is a cannabis user or not. It was wrong to punish people for having a partner of another race then and it’s wrong to punish adults for choosing to use a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco now.

One <3, Peace Mickey