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National Dep. of Health’s response to online message submission.

Bhungani Mzolo <MzoloB@health.gov.za>
Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 11:45 AM
To: info@death.za.org

Dear Dagga Movement

From what you have said, wouldn’t it be better then, to ask Agricultural Resource Centre about how they went about getting permission on this?

Bhungani Mzolo

Tell: 012 395 8479

>>> <info@death.za.org > 2013/04/24 12:39 PM >>>
Message type: Problem

Subject: a permit to cultivate dagga legally

Name: Dagga Movement

Email: info@death.za.org

Response requested: Yes

Date submitted: 24 April 2013

Comments: Hi I would like more information regarding acquiring a permit to cultivate cannabis legally as was awarded to the Agricultural Research Centre. – Who has the authority to issue such or any relating permits? – Are there any doctors in the Western Cape who support medicinal cannabis? How is it then possible that a permit has been issued to the Agricultural Research Council? See court case no 356/09 which states that the Agricultural Research Council has a special permit from the Department of Health. We also know that House of Hemp has a license to grow hemp yet it is illegal with our current laws in place! Also why has the Medical Research Council of South Africa not yet released any info after their public statement five years ago that they will do more research on cannabis for medicinal purposes. Cannabis is now legal in many countries. Cannabis is a safe alternative to tobacco and alcohol. Cannabis causes apotheosis in cancer cell. Cannabis stimulates the growth of brain cells. It\’s our basic human right to choose to ingest a natural non intoxicating vegetable. Cannabis does not become psychoactive until it is smoked or heated. Cannabis is the most important vegetable on the planet. The only negative impacts of cannabis is prohibition that jail and criminalizes otherwise law abiding citizen. Politicians who support prohibition knowingly support organized crime. South Africa can end world hunger with gruel and cannabis milk which is both made with cannabis seeds and are non-psychoactive. We the dagga culture of South Africa understand that cannabis threatens the oil, alcohol, tobacco, cotton and many other industries. We are also aware that the prohibition of cannabis is unconstitutional and deny us our basic human right to a natural alternative that is safer to consume than our municipal water supply that is fluoridated by the Department of Water Affairs knowing that fluoride serves only topical medicinal application and becomes toxic once ingested. Again abusing our basic human right to choose what to ingest into our body. There are 44000 deaths attributed to tobacco in South Africa each year. There has been no fatality attributed to cannabis. Denying our basic human rights are also a criminal offence. Regards Michael Hawthorne Dagga Movement


Dagga Movement <info@death.za.org>
Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:16 PM
To: Bhungani Mzolo <MzoloB@health.gov.za>

Hi first of all I would like to thank you for you reply it is much appreciated.

However, I would like to know from the Department of Health how to go about getting a permit seeing that it was the Department of Health that has issued this permit.


Michael Hawthorne
Dagga Movement