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Rastafarians have solid case for discrimination

Recently mainstream media and the Democratic Alliance made quite a stir regarding the Rastafarian T-Shirt worn in public by Mitchells Plain’s police cluster commander, Jeremy Veary, who claimed that his sons bought it for him for father’s day because of his love for reggae music.

Mark Wiley of the Democratic Alliance publicly attacked Jeremy ultimately accusing him of unexceptable behaviour, not fit for his position in the police force and demanded that he be reprimanded for wearing a T-Shirt featuring the leaf of a dagga plant.

Controvertial T-Shirt

Controvertial T-Shirt

How does Mark Wiley know that the leaf is that of a dagga plant? Does he disregard the word “RASTAFARIAN” printed largely on the shield covered in the well known red, yellow and green rastafarian colors with a the leaf of cannabis sativa.

No. This is exactly why Mark Wiley associates the leaf with dagga because most Rastafarians are associated with the smoking of dagga as sacrament.

Haven’t anyone considered that the leaf could be that of Hemp? Hemp is cannabis sativa afterall.

Why are all the prohibitionist selectively taking the word “RASTAFARIAN” and the cannabis leaf out of context only when it suites them?

We are almost 20 years into democracy but we still hold on to statutes based on segregation and discrimination.

This logo of the Shield with the word RASTAFARIAN, the rastafarian colors, red, yellow green and the cannabis sativa leaf is a symbol for all people still fighting the struggle.

Rastafarians & daggafarians’ universal human rights are being violated on a daily basis but clearly Mark Wiley’s interest do not cover the minority.

Rastafarians do not only have a solid case against Mark Wiley but dagga prohibition as a whole.

How does anyone nowadays support or uphold laws that are based on segregation and discrimination?

Ask yourself does the Spear and Shield on the ANC flag condone violence and murder?

Rastafarian community discriminated by state

The Rastafarian community is shocked at the outcry about a t-shirt that was given to Major-General Vearey by his kids as a Father’s day gift. We feel that the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Culture, Religious and Linguistic Communities need to step in and protect the Rights of the Rastafarian Community.

Jeremy Veary

Jeremy Veary

Rasta Beat request a public apology from Mark Wiley, DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Community Safety as he announced live on Voice of the Cape a Muslim Radio Station on the 25th of June 2013 at 08h15 am that he is not happy with the t shirt and the fact that he refer to the word RASTAFARI that was inappropriate and the leaf that represent Dagga is a drug. “On Monday, during a public march to Parliament, General Vearey, the cluster commander in Mitchell’s Plain, wore a red T-shirt with an image of a large dagga-leaf printed on it together with the word Rastafarian,” said Wiley.

“It is no secret that the Rastafarian community openly uses and promotes dagga. Dagga is a prohibited substance and for a senior police staff officer to be seen associating himself with this drug is nothing short of scandalous.”

The South African Constitution Chapter 9 Functions of Commission page 96 185. (b) to promote and develop peace, friendship, humanity, tolerance and national unity among cultural, religious and linguistic communities, on the basis of equality, non-discrimination and free association,

We need the Image of Rastafarian to be RESTORED with immediate effect. Dagga is a Herb it was created by the most High God it was not cooked in a lab but created by nature. We need to respect Muslims and Islam Rasta’s and Rastafarian; it’s practices including Dagga with tolerance for Humanity and Equality.

The T-Shirt in question represents RASTAFARI symbols, Red Gold Green and the word RASTAFARIAN with a DAGGA LEAF.

We ask for the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Culture, Religious and Linguistic Communities to step in and protect the Rights of the Rastafarian Community. The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) is an institution established in terms of section 181(1)(c) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. The Commission is established generally to support constitutional democracy, and in particular to promote and protect the rights of cultural, religious and linguistic communities.

Rasta Beat will take this matter to the Constitutional Court and lodge a complaint at Equality Courts if Mr. Mark Wiley does not apologize to the RASTAFARIAN Community publicly within seven days.

Rasta Beat trusts the Commission will understand the seriousness of this matter and take action without delay.

By Dieter Walbrugh


Open letter to Mark Wiley in response to remarks on Jeremy Veary’s t-shirt

Good day sir,

I have read your comments on this article on Die Burger’s website regarding the t-shirt given to Jeremy Veary by his sons on fathers day and I cannot agree with you. I believe that you are ignoring not only the health and wellbeing of all South African Rastafarians but also all cannabis users and patients alike who’s families are broken up by the stringent persecution and and who’s basic human rights are being violated on a daily basis.

Jeremy Veary

Jeremy Veary

Politicians who support prohibition knowingly support organized crime.
40% percent of Western Cape high school kids smoke cannabis!

Why are we driving people to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco but we jail otherwise law abiding citizens for a natural plant that is safer than sugar.

We slam drugs but fail to realize that a drug is anything that has an physiological effect when ingested which includes not only alcohol, tobacco and nutmeg but also GMO, Aspartame and even Growth Hormones used in animal feed.

If you are serious about eliminating the drug problem you will have to eliminate the war on drugs first.

Dagga has more uses than just the smoking.

I am a proud daggafarian, non tobacco and alcohol user. I am living a life of no regrets and I have not looked back ever since!

Please allow us to work together and create a positive change.

The true destructive force behind dagga does not come from the plant but from the prohibition and persecution by the law of a government corporation who’s objective is not human health but profit.

Medical dagga has been available to Americans for well over 15 years.

Please do some further research on the subject of cannabis.

https://dagga.za.net is a good place to start.