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Support SA Cannabis Culture – Claim Your Culture – Act Now

Dagga Magazine start-up has raised $196 of $8000 (R1710 of R80 000) in 3 days, from only 5 funders.

Become a daggafarian job-creator or get paid R1000 for a featured article.

Claim Your Culture

Please Support South African Cannabis Culture – Act Now!





For R10 or more – Receive a shout-out on Dagga Magazine’s Facebook Page
For R40 or more – Receive a copy of the first issue of Dagga Magazine.
For R400 or more –  Receive a 12 Month Subscription to Dagga Magazine
For R860 or more – 1x Small Ad in first issue +/- 75.692 mm x 52.88 mm
For R1700 or more – 1x Medium Ad in first issue +/- 112.917 mm x 60.215 mm
For R2800 or more – 1 Full Page Ad in first issue.
For R1144800 or more become a General Sponsor.
For R5500000 or more become a Premium Sponsor
For R11000000 or more become a Gold Sponsor.
For R137376000 or more become a Platinum Sponsor.

Dagga Magazine Content Providers Commission Structure – 17 Oct 2014

Would you like to make some extra cash? Why not write for the Dagga Magazine or if you are a photographer submit your story or photograph to magazine@dagga.za.net

Not all submissions will be used. Only articles printed in the Dagga Magazine are paid out.

Only articles in English and of quality content, and high quality photos will be considered.

Class A (20 000 copies sold)
Featured Article – R1000ea
General Articles & Column Pieces – R500ea
Cover Photo – R500ea
Photos – R200ea

Class B (10 000 copies sold)
Featured Article – R500ea
General Articles & Column Pieces – R250ea
Cover Photo – R250ea
Photos – R100ea

Class C (2000 copies sold)
Featured Article – R250ea
General Articles & Column Pieces – R125ea
Cover Photo – R125ea
Photos – R50ea


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