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Deterioration of Weenen Sports Field 10 years after SAPS DaggaOp

10 years after an SAPS Dagga-spraying chopper crashed onto a sports field, during a routine dagga spraying operation, the effects of the dangerous glyphosate poison & municipal maladministration start to show in Weenen, KwaZulu-Natal.

This is not purely based on speculation but honestly I cannot find the exact co-ordinates of the Sports Field where the chopper went down in 2002, I am in the process of getting more info from SA CAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) but let it not take your attention off the deterioration of this presumable school sports field effected by Climate Change and probably glyphosate (herbicides) & mismanagement.

Note how the cricket pitch vanishes.



Please note that while the 2002 crash implication is only speculation the maladministration by the sport fields governing body and climate change is blatantly obvious.