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Rastafarians have solid case for discrimination

Recently mainstream media and the Democratic Alliance made quite a stir regarding the Rastafarian T-Shirt worn in public by Mitchells Plain’s police cluster commander, Jeremy Veary, who claimed that his sons bought it for him for father’s day because of his love for reggae music.

Mark Wiley of the Democratic Alliance publicly attacked Jeremy ultimately accusing him of unexceptable behaviour, not fit for his position in the police force and demanded that he be reprimanded for wearing a T-Shirt featuring the leaf of a dagga plant.

Controvertial T-Shirt

Controvertial T-Shirt

How does Mark Wiley know that the leaf is that of a dagga plant? Does he disregard the word “RASTAFARIAN” printed largely on the shield covered in the well known red, yellow and green rastafarian colors with a the leaf of cannabis sativa.

No. This is exactly why Mark Wiley associates the leaf with dagga because most Rastafarians are associated with the smoking of dagga as sacrament.

Haven’t anyone considered that the leaf could be that of Hemp? Hemp is cannabis sativa afterall.

Why are all the prohibitionist selectively taking the word “RASTAFARIAN” and the cannabis leaf out of context only when it suites them?

We are almost 20 years into democracy but we still hold on to statutes based on segregation and discrimination.

This logo of the Shield with the word RASTAFARIAN, the rastafarian colors, red, yellow green and the cannabis sativa leaf is a symbol for all people still fighting the struggle.

Rastafarians & daggafarians’ universal human rights are being violated on a daily basis but clearly Mark Wiley’s interest do not cover the minority.

Rastafarians do not only have a solid case against Mark Wiley but dagga prohibition as a whole.

How does anyone nowadays support or uphold laws that are based on segregation and discrimination?

Ask yourself does the Spear and Shield on the ANC flag condone violence and murder?