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I know this is old, I just wanted to quash any wonderings any people may have ha…

I know this is old, I just wanted to quash any wonderings any people may have had if they found this thread.

Basically you would treat the pg or vg liquid the same as if you were making a tincture with any other liquid. I don’t recommend leaving it sitting around for weeks, but instead urge you to heat the liquid- reason being is that letting it sit around does leech out some of the thc and cannabinoid content, but not much. Heating the mixture (2 to 4 oz of biomass to 1 qt of pg or vg, vary for more or less intensity) will basically break the thc and cannabinoid molecules (which are not soluble in water) away from the plant and put them into mixture with the pg or vg base. The basic process would go something like this:

Pour 1 qt of propylene glycol, or vegetable based e-juice with no flavor or nicotine into a kitchen pot,

Heat on the LOWEST electric setting for around 10 minutes,

Add your 2 to 4 oz. of desired biomass (bud, shake, etc.) shredded, into the liquid.

Simmer for two to 6 hours depending on the intensity you want, stirring occasionally.

After you have cooked your mixture, strain through cheese cloth (don’t be a dork and try to use anything else)

Collect your liquid in a container of some type- twist, mash, and squeeze the cheese cloth to get all of the newly thc/cannabinoid infused liquid out into the bowl/jar/container.

Place some of the liquid into your ecig and vaporize to your heart’s content.

Things to be aware of:

*This liquid IS NOT odorless, if you want to cover up the smell add some peppermint oil or something similar- trial and error, don’t use too much start off with 0.5ml to each 10ml of infused pg/vg juice.
*DO NOT heat the liquid at a higher temperature than your lowest setting, as THC and Cannabinoid molecules are very fragile. Higher heat will cause many, if not all, of the molecules to break apart in the mixture, rendering your mixture useless, and your dollar bills a waste.
*DO NOT try to modify the recipe and add alcohol of any type, as alcohol does not vaporize well in ecigs anyway (which would totally reduce the impact of your mixture), and if you have a wattage spike, I’m not so sure the fucker wouldn’t blow up in your hand- I have no clue. Just be careful.
*DO NOT tell people what’s in it, the last thing people need is cops trying to taste everyone’s ecigs to “Make sure we aren’t doing anything wrong” or what the hell ever cops say when they’re pissing on your rights, I don’t want to be stopped every 10 feet because I have an ecig- I don’t even smoke weed.
*DO have fun, be safe, and enjoy your new mixture.

Sources: none mutha fucka, I just have a decent chemical background, so I knows these things.

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YUP! so much hotter too. not a fan of her music but sexy

YUP! so much hotter too. not a fan of her music but sexy

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Ok everyone.. the bid on this right now is $60.00….. so … @ 8pm Alberta time…

Ok everyone.. the bid on this right now is $60.00….. so … @ 8pm Alberta time tonight we are going to auction this off for an hour… what the final bid is tonight is who wins…. so … check it out.. and I will see ya all then….

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