Vermont’s legal marijuana law: What you should know

MONTPELIER – In just over four months, Vermont will remove all state penalties for adults who want to possess small amounts of marijuana . Gov. Phil Scott signed H. 511 into law Monday, in private, and asked the Legislature to turn its attention to “more significant issues faced by Vermonters in their … Read More

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2 thoughts on “Vermont’s legal marijuana law: What you should know

  1. Massvocals

    This new law is nothing more than something derived from prohibitionist standard. it is not workable, or even practicable in terms of in law, VT legislators have failed to remove punishments instead they have increased the punishments and waved small amounts. however, 2 cannabis plants could land Grower in prison if your plants raise more then a 1oz 1 plant can bring 3-5 pounds of bud and you would then go to jail This is a stupid law made by fools who do not understand cannabis , this attempt should show anyone that state pigments and bookends cannot write reasonable laws . this, however, is a warning that VT citizens best work up a new law ASAP by petition and then remove all legislators who confirmed this prohibitionist trap and vote them out of office, having done nothing would have been best, GOD save liberty form ignorance this is surprising when Burlington VT had Hemp fields in WW2 and VT had the best drug testing law in papa bush years ( no prerequisites drug testing employment hiring ) was made criminal .and this law for MJ comes out / Who could understand . This is stupid foolish representative of prohibitionist views in state house The law makers have only increase punishments and fines and really have to criminalize cannabis all over again. who can grow 2 plants or even 4 when male and female have to ID themselves who is going to destroy if all are female who going to the police such properties? The many homes will fall victim to this bad law there is no forfeiture protection This law allows same police attacks of the drug war, think of this law in truth in when one plant has grown out weights 1 OZ of dried cannabis. 1 plant can bring pounds of cannabis bud, What is the grower to do? only keep an OZ,????? This IS a ” stupid law” “unworkable” result by prohibitionist . This is a legal ” Trap” should not muster the Ag review for conflict.

  2. Massvocals

    ” 3 years in prison and 10,000 fine for 2 oz ” this law is trash. repeal ASAP fire governor impeach him This law is nothing more then a prohibitionist zealot dream VT you’re wasting some best latitude in the states for growing cannabis rid your selves of these old drug war zealots they are fools


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