The Below The Lion community blog is no more

After receiving a threat from Buzz from BTL via email we have had to cancel the Below The Lion community blog and will no longer update this section.

It’s a real pity BTL do not know how to properly configure their RSS feed or understand how an RSS feed work.

It’s all SEO and business in the BTL camp, hence why you should not trust them.

Stick to for unbiased, uninfluenced and independent reporting. There is only one you can trust.

2 thoughts on “The Below The Lion community blog is no more

  1. William

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for raising this issue.
    I mailed you about the DUSA rss feed copying my articles and pictures in full, as you never discussed this with me and were using my original articles as the majority of DUSA’s content.

    Your response was less than cordial, yet I still politely offered to meet you in the middle. You ignored this offer and continued to copy my full content from BTL.
    So I contacted your website host who then assisted us with the matter.

    I put my heart, soul and significant time into creating original South African cannabis content.
    It therefore sucks when you appropriate it for yourself and see nothing wrong with doing this.

    Please include our correspondence regarding this matter in the post and let daggafarians decide for themselves who is trustworthy.

    Highest regards
    William ‘Buzz’ Wallace

  2. admin Post author

    Highya Buzz,

    The really annoying part of your complaint about the use of your RSS feed comes from the ignorance of RSS etiquette. The onus is on the RSS provider to limit any content made available on the feed as it then becomes a newswire, that is the intended purpose of RSS feeds. We have raised this issue with you before removing the feed. If you take the time to click on our most recent articles syndicated by RSS feeds, from others such as the Dagga Magazine, you will notice they open directly on the owners website and our community blog is merely a directory, although in the past a new blog post would be created from the newswire with a read more link after the the body of text made available by RSS feeds.

    Again it is on the RSS provider to limit content and not the receiver of the feed. This is webstandards and surely not a #DaggaDebate.

    You shouldn’t be worried about free exposure it’s un-#daggafarian.

    ~ Mickey


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