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I present to you South Africa’s first Dagga Culture magazine.

This publication aims to serve a niche market with the optimistic potential of reaching over 4 million subscribers.

Your support is critical in making this project reality.

Claim your culture. Claim your Dagga Magazine.
Donate & share with like minded individuals.

Concept Cover

Concept Cover #1

Concept Cover #2

Concept Cover #2

7 Funders have contributed and will be receiving rewards.


For R10 or more – Receive a shout-out on Dagga Magazine’s Facebook Page [1x Claimed]
For R40 or more – Receive a copy of the first issue of Dagga Magazine. [3x Claimed]
For R400 or more –  Receive a 12 Month Subscription to Dagga Magazine [2x Claimed]
For R860 or more – 1x Small Ad in first issue +/- 75.692 mm x 52.88 mm [1x Claimed]
For R1700 or more – 1x Medium Ad in first issue +/- 112.917 mm x 60.215 mm
For R2800 or more – 1 Full Page Ad in first issue.
For R1144800 or more become a General Sponsor.
For R5500000 or more become a Premium Sponsor
For R11000000 or more become a Gold Sponsor.
For R137376000 or more become a Platinum Sponsor.

Donate Now!
Target: R1790 of R80 000 (for 2000 copies)

Next Target: R300 000 (for 10 000 copies)

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Update on http://daggamagazine.com/crowdfund/ ‎

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