THC University: Aspiring Master growers, Apply Now!


International students Accepted!

Are you looking to not only grow top shelf cannabis, but also want to use your top shelf crop to make hash, oils, or edibles? Or are you wanting to prove you are a cannabis expert with a Masters from THC University? Then this is the program for you. 13+ classes and approximately 28 hours of cannabis education, this is one of the most extensive cannabis training programs available anywhere. APPLY

Our online classes are very interactive, bringing 21st century education to the cannabis industry. Students will not be watching hours of video, or reading 1000 pages of text. Students will learn by interacting throughout the classes. For example, students will learn to build grow systems by dragging and dropping parts in the correct spot, and do investigative research to identify different pests and diseases and how to resolve disorders. THCU’s curriculum is designed for students to easily remember everything they learn, that is why interactive online courses are so important.

The Budtender certification will be an online certification course like the master grower certification program. There will be over 5 classes going over the laws, regulations, science of cannabis and how to best assist patients in selecting the proper form of medicine.

The responsible vendor program is only available for people currently working, or wanting to work in the cannabis industry in Colorado. Students certification will be recognized by the state of Colorado, and desired by medical and recreational businesses. The classes will be live in a classroom setting in various locations across Colorado.

Master Grower Program Classes:

Introduction – Growing 101, an intro to indoor gardening, learn the 8 steps to a successful indoor garden. Mandatory class for all certifications.
Clones – Learn about germination, how to clone, and seed.
Vegetation – Vegetative growth, sexing, cuttings, mother plants, growing more roots, transplanting, and plant stress.
Flowering – Plant flowering, male/female/hermaphrodite, lighting types and times, plant life cycle, creating the perfect bud
Lighting – light, lamp, safety and electricity
Nutrients / Growing Mediums – Soil and containers, pH, Rockwool cuttings, seedlings, soil amendments. Water and nutrients, osmosis, drip system, NPK, Secondary Nutrients and fertilizers, chemical v.s. organic.
Hydroponics – Hydro gardening, hydro systems, growing mediums, meters for testing, hydro nutrients.
Air/Fans/CO2 – Air movement, ventilation, fans, humidity, and CO2
Pests and Disease – Prevention, Control, and identifying pests.
Harvesting and curing – Trimming, curing, timing, techniques
Hash and Oils – Types, and extraction methods
Cooking and Infusion – Butter, oil’s and other goodies
Strains and Flavors – How to identify, pairings, and strain types



How does THCU work?

Are you wanting a career in the cannabis industry but need to show employers you are qualified? A certificate from the most prestigious online cannabis certification program in the world can help.

THCU strives to be different. Our courses are built to be interactive, using the most modern education software and techniques to increase brain function, engagement and memory. All courses are translated in hundreds of languages and available on tablets & iPads

THCU built a student community that allows students and instructors to ask and answer each-others questions, and message each other. A jobs board is also available for graduates to show off their resumes, and employers can post jobs, and browse certified candidates.

30 students are allowed to register per week, and classes begin immediately you are accepted, and registered. This policy is likely to change as demand and THCU staff increases. We really want to accept everyone right away, however this way ensures we are able to provide students the best support.


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