@DoctorsForLife, 223 likes? You don't even have public support but speak as if i…

@DoctorsForLife, 223 likes? You don’t even have public support but speak as if it’s in the interests of the people.

Doctors for life does not care about the science of cannabis. They only care to push on propaganda to fit their agenda.

Your agenda is business and profits, not health.

If you really cared about the people you claim to serve you would at least be open to debate the medical marijuana bill tabled by late DOCTOR Mario Ambrosini. You would rather see people jailed for a harmless plant.

There is no faux science when it comes to saying DAGGA IS SAFER THAN ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO.

Sorry if I cannot address ignorance or blantant propaganda respectfully.

Those two paper pushing doctors have been schooled by a pothead with basic tertiary college education.

What does that tell you about Doctors For Life’s competency to represent healthcare or legal proceedings regarding dagga court cases.

You are not expert witnesses if you are biased to prohibition regardless of all scientific merits concerning dagga and human health.

Doctors For Life knowingly supports organised crime by supporting prohibition. …read more    

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