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ALS Ice bucket challenge – Phoenix tears

Thanks to Bill Scott I had to (or felt obligated to) participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge so i did it my own way. I am really not big on huge marketing to “raise awareness” and money for cures that don’t seem to be happening. Like when everything turns pink for breast cancer awareness. It is a great idea, but it’s almost like a scam. The ice bucket challenge has raised 15 million dollars so far, it’s definetly working, but for who? So i put a twist into these videos and added some information on what i believe is a cure all. I wonder how many people get pissed off lol. I nominated nobody. Run from the cureAt the time this video was made they had raises $15 million. It is now over $60 million (8/24/14) Rick Simpson visit our website and read our article on the cure. if you do still want to donate to ALS here is their link here is your proof that cannabis does something …read more    

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