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If our messages about the healing effects of cannabis reach a million people a week, I don’t think it will take that much longer to develop enough pressure on politicians to change the laws worldwide.

Have them read the Rick Simpson Protocol e-book aloud in front of you. Let’s see if they say that they do not want this medicine for themselves or their family.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word about this medicine. JB

As you know, we cannot supply the oil. Please don’t ask where to get it on this page or you will attract scammers. Make your own, don’t buy it online. Instructions can be found at the website and in e-books available there. Best wishes, JB

“We have been criticized for calling this oil a cure-all but what else could you call a substance that can be used successfully to treat so many medical problems? Some seem to think the words cure-all means that this oil will provide everlasting life but that was not Rick’s intent. Certainly, this medication can extend your life and you may live a great deal longer with its use, of that there is little doubt. Still, this does not mean that it will provide eternal life.

This oil is still not legally available to most and so it will take a very long time to determine how many added years it can provide. As yet, we do not look at this medication as being an elixir of immortality and we firmly believe it does not make you bullet-proof. Still, as Rick says, if we ever find the key to immortality, he is sure that hemp will be a major ingredient.

Please do not think that when you are using it, you cannot contract a virus. You may still catch such things as the flu but its effects can be greatly diminished and you will recover much more quickly. In the event of a pandemic or some such thing, if you ingest or you are already ingesting the wonderful oil this plant can provide, your chance of survival would definitely be greatly increased.” Rick Simpson & Jindrich Bayer

“The term “Rick Simpson Oil” refers to extremely potent and sedative purified decarboxylated cannabis resin with 95-98% THC. This substance can be used with great success to cure, treat or control cancer, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammations, blood pressure, depressions, sleeping problems etc. Read more about how to produce and use this oil properly in the e-book.”

“The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol.” …read more    

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