Just look at these gorgeous bright pumpkins!

Just look at these gorgeous bright pumpkins!


Oranjezicht City Farm

OZCF proud to be hosting a pumpkin promotion on Saturday for Market Day (9am to 2pm). Squash ‘Crown Prince’ is renowned for its colourful rich orange flesh with a sweet and nutty flavour. The pumpkins are organically grown in the Nuy Valley by the people from Nuy (near Worcester). An old variety of winter squash but still popular for its attractive, flattened fruits with a steely-blue skin, each weighing up to 4kg. They are good for eating and storing or decoration, grown with love and the help of many bees. Thanks to Farmer Cialee Oosthuizen of Coveg, who usually exports these gorgeous looking squashes to Europe. We will have 350kg of pumpkins and it will be a sight to behold. …read more    

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