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Legalize research and cultivation of industrial hemp

(Hemp does not produce the “high”)
So, why is it illegal?
Because fuel companies would lose TRILLIONS in profit, while the quality of life for everyone else would rise dramatically. It would create millions of jobs, as well as make our reliance foreign fuels non-existent.

Some think that is the “real reason” behind marijuana laws is so they can keep industrial hemp illegal despite it’s many uses and positive impact it would have on our society.

Some estimate that the global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products in nine submarkets: agriculture; textiles; recycling; automotive; furniture; food/nutrition/beverages; paper; construction materials; and personal care.
It can be grown as a fiber, seed, or other dual-purpose crop. Hemp fibers are used in a wide range of products, including fabrics and textiles, yarns and raw or processed spun fibers, paper, carpeting, home furnishings, construction and insulation materials, auto parts, and composites. The interior stalk (hurd) is used in various applications such as animal bedding, raw material inputs, low-quality papers, and composites. Hemp seed and oilcake are used in a range of foods and beverages, and can be an alternative food protein source. Oil from the crushed hemp seed is an ingredient in a range of body-care products and also nutritional supplements. Hemp seed is also used for industrial oils, cosmetics and personal care, and pharmaceuticals, among other composites.

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