If Africa rejected defective GMO pseudo-science & unsubstantiated biotech claims…

If Africa rejected defective GMO pseudo-science & unsubstantiated biotech claims, they be a massive step ahead of USA.

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Farmers across the nation are seeing better animal health with Non-GMO feed – but they are afraid to say so. “An atmosphere of fear has been generated by the GMO seed sellers, and many farmers are afraid to even try non-GMO seed, even though many people are experiencing great results using GMO-free varieties,” said Minnesota cattle farmer Steve Tusa. Iowa farmer Troy Knoblock says that switching to non-GMO feed has made his operation, “a lot more enjoyable.” Because of this experience, the Iowa farmer has gradually been increasing his non-GMO crops, and this year 75% of his soybeans will be non-GMO. The seed is cheaper too – costing about $160 a bag, instead of $300 per bag for GMO seeds. Knoblock believes that there is interest in switching among other farmers, too.”You can conduct scientific studies on GMO all day long, but when you witness your animals getting sick right before your eyes, there is nothing more telling than that first-hand experience,” said Danish pig farmer Ib Pedersen. We are also being force fed GMO food without our knowledge & consent. This leads us to ask: WHAT ABOUT US???!

READ: http://www.nationofchange.org/farmers-see-better-animal-health-non-gmo-feed-scared-say-so-1403019863

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