Should you help someone who is reaching out and deeply-hurting? Absolutely. Do w…

Should you help someone
who is reaching out and
deeply-hurting? Absolutely.
Do what you can to help
people but have the wisdom
to accept your limits. You
can only do so much. You
should never have a
relationship based on guilt
over someone’s poor
choices. It is so easy to find
ourselves in denial about
someone’s behavior
because we so deeply wish
they could escape their pain
and suffering. But what we
want for others doesn’t
work unless they want it for
themselves. People must
save themselves, and you
can only help a person who
really wants it and is ready.
You have permission to walk
away from anything that
doesn’t feel right. Trust
your instincts and listen to
your inner-voice — it’s
trying to protect you. Never
stop sharing your love with
people; that’s why you were
put on Earth. But sometimes
the way to share your love
is to let someone go.
Staying in an unhealthy
relationship can keep a
person from finding their
own way and moving to the
next level of their own path
— and that person could
even be you. Sometimes the
best way to save someone is
to walk-away. Real love
sometimes means saying
Your life was meant for
more than being a life-long
doormat for deadbeats,
losers, gossipers, nay-
sayers, dream-crushers,
energy vampires, users,
abusers, ragers and passive-
aggressive backstabbers.
Some of these people are
rabidly-infected with
obvious madness. Some
have less obvious ways,
such as the “helpful”
enabler, who sends you off
to your destruction with a
helping hand and a smile.
Some are “doubt-whispers,”
who plant the seeds of non-
belief in your heart to take
root, so they can then
console you in your
inevitable moment of
defeat. There are also
perpetual victims who feed
on your constant attention.
Call them what you want,
you know exactly who I am
talking about. One thing
always reveals their
sometimes hidden identity
— after you have been
around them, how do you
feel; have you been
depleted and drained or
energized and inspired?
“From the backstabbing co-
worker to the meddling
sister-in-law, you are in
charge of how you react to
the people and events in
your life. You can either give
negativity power over your
life or you can choose
happiness instead.” …read more    

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