Neil Snyman shared this with us :) GMO free Bread… SPAR comes to the party! Wa…

Neil Snyman shared this with us ๐Ÿ™‚

GMO free Bread…
SPAR comes to the party! Want to join?

The story is like this: I visit the local Spar (Queensmead Branch, Durban) and bare my heart to the manager as to why I HAVE TO eat GMOs with any bread is SA. He takes my contact details and soon after I get a letter from the head baker at Spar that the wheat used is GMO free… I write back explaining the soy used is not… Next I receive a call from a food technologist on their behalf. We have quite a discussion… Then later she calls me again with an offer that they cannot say “the bread might not fall apart or something”, but never the less, upon my order such bread will be made, especially for me… I felt sheepish at first about this, but I was not mandated to speak for everybody. Today I check by the manager where I overhear the discussion amongst the staff that, “because, the bread looks and tastes just like ordinary bread”, a batch will be baked every time I order a loaf, and be put in the store… THIS is the ordinary bread dummy! The other is the Frankenloaf! So there you have it people, come buy your GMO free loaf at Queensmead Spar, Durban! (Be sure to call the manager to point out the GMO free bread to you.) They don’t know what a positive step this is yet! Alternatively, relate this story to your local manager of Spar and let’s make GMO free bread the “new” norm in this country!”
—-Part 2 —-
The story has just escalated! The bread is on the shelves, marked as such, only at Queensmead Spar, Durban, which is now running a pilot test project. If demand justifies, GMO free bread will be made available nationally!! And they are working on the artwork for the wrapping!! Worthy for a show of consumer support for SPAR I’d say?”
So get out there to your nearest Spar & order GMO Free Bread, People!!!
(and maybe just check that they’re not adding azodicarbonamide /ADA/ yoga mat)… …read more    

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