From one of the nogmosa admins :) "“I'm deeply grateful i got to be a part of th…

From one of the nogmosa admins ๐Ÿ™‚ ““I’m deeply grateful i got to be a part of this workshop on 12 June. Vandana Shiva’s talk was so much more powerful & moving than any video I’ve ever seen of her. She spoke of India’s experience with GMOs, biopiracy, saving seeds, the vital importance of family farming, ecological agriculture & climate resilience, nurturing living soils, biodiversity for survival, and industrial farming born out of WW2 as a continuation of war on the planet, farm machinery adapted from tanks & the use of war chemicals on our food. She gave statistics comparing higher nutritional value & organic yields over industry monoculture yields, the enormous costs of chemical & mechanised farming, landgrabs and monoculture of the mind. She challenged industry propaganda using the term “improved” seed – the seeds were bred by farmers over many generations, & industry has only STOLEN these seeds & modified genes for 2 traits – herbicide tolerance & expression of toxins that are harmful to insects & other living organisms. She stressed that governments should not enter into agreements on seed laws that only benefit a handful of monopolistic corporations and undermined farmers’ rights to breed & save their own seeds. Million Belay from Ethiopia & Lim Li Ching from Malaysia were incredibly engaging & inspiring. Jordan Gama just blew me away with his dynamic charisma, his astute message to our governments not to sell Africa and her resources out to multinational profiteering corporations and risk our traditional knowledge, our health, our environment and future generations. In a take-no-prisoners style, he reminded them that projects have come & failed and gone, yet there is no accountability or explanation for the failures. He said that Local Family Farmers feed most of the population, with no government support. The atmosphere in the hall was lively and gripping – participants clapping, nodding in agreement, laughing, rocking on their seats, almost cheering the speakers on & hissing the gmo & sneaky ‘co-existance’ proponents out. The solidarity, co-operation and support between these deeply committed warriors embraced us all. I have come away with a heart full of hope for the future of Africa”.

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