Worth sharing, don't you think?

Worth sharing, don’t you think?

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Eva, our teenage broiler, gets crazy mad with all the pigeons in our garden. She chases them, shouts at them, then gives up. We now stand guard while our chickens eat! Eva is a meat chicken designed to go from 0 to slaughter in 6 weeks. She is a GMO baby. The accelerated growth causes huge growing pains, organ issues and as they get bigger they battle to support their burgeoning weight. When you eat shop bought chicken, you are eating a 6 week old chick. A baby with the psychological needs of a baby chick in an oversized body. We suspect Eva won’t be with is for long. She is already large and ungainly. We love her while we can, we curse the industry that made her and we beg any of you still eating chicken to better understand what you are supporting when you eat chicken. Free range is the same deal. It is still a baby broiler. She is currently only 4 months old. …read more    

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