This is a section of an email we receive this afternoon from the Office of Dr. M…

This is a section of an email we receive this afternoon from the Office of Dr. Mario Ambrosini. Well done to all of you who took the time to comment on his Medical Innovation Bill. The response has been unprecedented.
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> Parliament has received 1902 public comments on the Medical
> Innovation Bill introduced by IFP MP, Dr Mario GR Oriani-Ambrosini. This is
> unprecedented. The overwhelming number of comments received are in
> enthusiastic support of the Bill. Most submissions are requesting public
> hearings. This happens at a serendipitous time in which the press reports
> that a similar Bill introduced in the UK House of Lords by Lord Maurice
> Saatchi has undergone a process of public comments receiving widespread
> public support. It shows that there is a profound shift at play in the
> worldwide mind-set of health regulations.
> Ambrosini is in hospital receiving a combination of conventional treatment
> and alternative treatments showing that he is in his personal experience
> ‘walking his talk’. At present there are enormous legal difficulties for
> hospitals to provide integrated treatment to terminally ill patients when
> that includes treatments not approved by the Medical Control Council, and
> yet hundreds of doctors are placing their licences and liberty at stake to
> do exactly that and provide terminally ill patients with all that can be
> made available to improve on their quality of life and life expectancy. Once
> Ambrosini’s Medical Innovation Bill is passed, there will be hospitals
> legally authorised to make the full range of beneficial treatments available
> to the millions of people who are now suffering and dying. Once Ambrosini’s
> Bill is passed, South Africa will be able to have its own type of Mayo
> Clinic and become a centre of scientific innovation leading the fight
> against dread diseases such as Cancer which now affects one person in 2.8
> globally and is bound to exact an ever-increasing toll of life at
> ever-increasing social and economic costs.
> Upon his release from hospital, Dr Ambrosini will seek a meeting with the
> Minister of Health, the Hon. Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, as well as the Chairman of
> the National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Health, to discuss how they
> intend to process the Medical Innovation Bill through Parliament. Ambrosini
> hopes that the Bill may be passed by the end of September and that the
> Centre of Cancer Treatment contemplated in the Bill may be operational
> within a year thereafter.
> Issued by: Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, MP …read more    

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