See the herb through my eyes…

See the herb through my eyes…

4.20 D-Day JHB 2014
4.20 D-Day Johannesburg 2014

High eyes celebrating green culture together ~ didn’t quote make 420 eyes, although close, the general good-time-having, inebriation and inability to bother about time constraints meant that we didnt count the number of eyes captured. haha! We trust everyone had a high time =)

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@[390248781058752:274:Johnson • J1 • Freedom Seekers Photographer]
@[352257294872127:274:Julian • J2 • Freedom Seekers] — with Nikki Stacey Bumz and 13 others at The Maboneng Precinct.
4.20 D-Day Johannesburg 2014 For more info: Photographers: Johnson • J1 • Freedom Seekers Photographer Julian • J2 • Freedom Seekers Album link: …read more    

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