I love, smoke Swazi dagga, SA artist declares BONGO Maffin artist Jahseed just…

I love, smoke Swazi dagga, SA artist declares

BONGO Maffin artist Jahseed just loves Swazi dagga.

This is according to statements he made while he was on stage performing at House on Fire on Saturday.

He said even when he was in other countries, even overseas he would smoke marijuana from Swaziland commonly referred to as Swazi.

“When I am in London I smoke Swazi, when I am in America I smoke Swazi, Swazi is just everywhere and it is in demand. If weed were to be legalised, I would smoke Swazi weed,” he said on stage.


He went on to make another statement on the weed during an interval of their performance, saying that smoking Swazi weed had such a strong effect that once when he did try it he felt as though the sun was falling and he had to run away. This statement was met with laughter by the thousands of people that were gathered around the main stage to watch their performances.

Bongo Maffin is a South African Kwaito group that was formed in 1996 and consists of four members namely Thandiswa Mazwai, ‘Speedy’, ‘Stoan’, and Jaseed.

Saturday was not the first time that Jahseed made comments on the Swazi weed as in 2012 when he was performing at the annual Simunye Fun Fair he said Swazi weed was the best while on stage.


During the group’s interview at the media room, scribes were interested in finding out more about his ‘love’ for Swazi weed.

Jahseed laughed off the questions on this but repeated the story of the ‘high’ he got after smoking the Swazi weed.

He said he was certain that Swazi weed was found in other countries and was in demand; although he said he did not know how it got to the international countries after it was grown in the country and packaged.

Police confiscated dagga worth E600 000 in May alone and remains to be described as a problematic crime in the country.

A number of people have been nabbed for being found in possession of the dagga without permits or licences.


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