When you make a clear intention that you desire a specific thing to occur, such…

When you make a clear
intention that you desire
a specific thing to occur,
such as a job that pays
well and is more
inspiring, you begin to
take steps to make this
goal a reality.
You begin to note
synchronicities that
happen during the day,
following leads and
checking out various
opportunities (doors).
Each step, you pay
attention to your intuition
and gut feelings, deciding
if these opportunities are
truly what you want. Do
not settle for anything
less. Create situations
that will make things
happen; choose doors
that best fits your needs.
Know that sometimes
what appears to be a
wrong door could lead
you to something better.
Perhaps by taking the
“wrong” door, you met
someone or gained skills
that led you to the door
of your highest choice.
The key is to not be
swayed by fears and
belief codes. Have
courage in yourself and
know that in reality, there
are no wrong doors.
There may be missed
opportunities, yet within
these lie myriads of
learning experiences and
Move on through your
day, seeking doors of
opportunities. Reach
beyond your comfort
zone and open the doors
to see what lies beyond.
You may find the perfect
mate, career or adventure
lying before you. Enjoy
life to the fullest, for you
indeed are in a time of
utmost curiosity and

Be careful of what you desire, for in these tricky times, you receive. …read more    

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