SEEDS BILL OF RIGHTS We the Peoples of this Earth Gratefully Honor the Ancient…


We the Peoples of this Earth
Gratefully Honor the Ancient Knowledge of Seeds that Nourish and Sustain All Living Beings

1. Seed is the source of life. It is the yearning of life to express itself, to renew, multiply and evolve. We recognize the right of seeds to maintain their vital cycles.

2. We respect the right of seeds to retain their unique identity as distinct, self-regulating organisms.

3. Seeds shall enjoy the right to clean water, the essential element for all life.

4. All seeds shall be guaranteed the right of clean air to germinate, prosper and regenerate.

5. The right of seeds to grow on land free from contamination, pollution, toxic or radioactive waste shall not be infringed.

6. Seeds deserve full and prompt restoration from any violation of these rights caused by human activities.

7. No entity shall deprive seeds of the freedom to bear fruit according to their nature. Genetic engineering threatens their vital drive to regenerate.

8. Any law that makes seed the property of corporations will not be recognized. No patents shall be granted on natural organisms.

9. Open source seed and the sharing of seed by creating community seed banks and seed libraries shall remain a global right.

10. Humans shall work in harmony with nature to create renewing systems for food, energy, climate balance and financial security.

Compiled by Beth Grossman in Brisbane, California,

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