A Message from UBUNTU PARTY: "Fracking in the Karoo The Ubuntu Party is 100% ag…

A Message from UBUNTU PARTY:
“Fracking in the Karoo
The Ubuntu Party is 100% against fracking in the Karoo, South Africa and on any part of the Earth’s land mass and waterways for the following reasons:

1. The Ubuntu Party is part of the Global Free Energy Movement and is connected with scientists around the world who have already produced cheap, clean renewable energy. They have offered the Ubuntu Party their technology once they can remove the threat to these scientists by the Global Fossil Fuel Cartels. This has been one of the catalysts for the creation of the Ubuntu Party by the Ubuntu Liberation Movement to establish a people’s voice in parliament and provide protection to those scientists wishing to disclose their research and provide our people with FREE ENERGY.
2. The Ubuntu Party insists upon an immediate STOP to all fracking and make it an illegal activity.
3. Fossil fuel exploration under Global Corporations has proven in every country worldwide to only profit the privately controlled corporations, it has never been beneficial to the people of the country. This has not only impoverished the people in the areas of exploration but has raped the land, poisoned the water, put even more land ownership in corporate and government hands, ejected toxins into the environment and poisoned animal and plant life.
4. There has never been long term financial or ecological benefit other than to the Corporations that are doing the fracking. History has exposed the abuse by these corporations and false promises made by government who produce falsified reports to deceive the people. Our political elite within our ruling parties is proof of that. For example: Was the selling of public roads to private corporations and setting up Toll Gates beneficial to the people? Was it even lawful?
5. The risk of pollution and environmental damage in water stressed areas like the Karoo is much too high.
6. Contamination through the use of chemicals and radioactive particles used in fracking is unacceptable!
7. The wonderful benefits described in government reports and by corporate controlled media by “so called” experts are clear examples of back room deals and corporate takeover to the detriment of all countries. This is well highlighted in the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.
8. The Ubuntu Party reiterates that we are totally and fundamentally opposed to all fracking and appeal to the public to educate themselves, and our academics to teach this to their students.”

Sid Organe – Ubuntu Party Candidate/National Coordinator

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