A Message from the UBUNTU PARTY (/Movement): "Contrary to what we have bee told…

A Message from the UBUNTU PARTY (/Movement):
“Contrary to what we have bee told all our lives, competition is not good. Competition leads to conflict, war, envy, separation, division, opposition, poverty, hunger, scarcity, gluttony, degradation of morality, lowering of quality in favour of quantity, it is a major motivation for crime, it destroys businesses, it break up families, it’s the cause for unimaginable suffering and it is the antithesis of the true nature of the human spirit – which is to create and to continue creating. Because by nature, human beings are infinite creators. We create stuff every day of our lives.
So let us choose a world of no more competitive cannibalism and destruction of the human spirit – And let’s move rapidly towards Cooperative Unity and Abundance For All – Constructive Cooperation – UBUNTU Contributionism. Tell those that are still sleeping. We hold the future in our hands – what we do with it is up to us. We cannot keep blaming the past and everyone around us.

Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu Party Elections 2014

Michael Tellinger shares the philosophy of Ubuntu. …read more    

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