Monsanto is linked to over 100 Superfund sites in USA alone. One of their facili…

Monsanto is linked to over 100 Superfund sites in USA alone. One of their facilities contaminated the entire town of Nitro & exposed 1000’s of people to deadly dioxin. 50 years later & litigatiion is close to finalization. One day, every Glyphosate-saturated field of GMO crops will be superfund areas.

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The path has been cleared in Nitro, West Virginia, for the settlement of Superfund litigation against Monsanto for $93 million. The lawsuit relates to a Monsanto facility that produced Agent Orange and released toxic dioxin into a residential community, exposing thousands of people and contaminating their homes. The settlement includes long term medical monitoring of community residents and cleanup of their properties. The settlement also would allow residents to retain their right to file personal-injury lawsuits against Monsanto if medical tests turn up illnesses potentially related to dioxin exposure. Attorneys for the community, who are challenging the settlement, have 25 days to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider their petition. Medical monitoring and cleanup could start as soon as next month. This is another great example of what Monsanto calls sustainability. Should this company be messing with our food?


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