Stop the Monsanto Invasion.

Stop the Monsanto Invasion.

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If your #tampons aren't #organic, they are probably #GMO cotton with pesticides and chemicals. No thanks Monsanto, pass. Organic only please! Share this with the women you love, reasons to switch or go eco-friendly with your cycle:

♀ 94% of US cotton is genetically modified, do you really want Monsanto in there?

♀ Pesticides such as Roundup are in conventional and GMO cotton which end up inside of your vagina.

♀ Most use chlorine BLEACH to whiten which can create toxic DIOXIN as a byproduct.

♀ If imported, is it Bt cotton with pesticides grown into every cell farmed by India's GMO Bt cotton farmers devastated by Monsanto, committing suicide at an average rate of 1 every 30 minutes? You don't know, feminine hygiene product ingredients have no ingredient labeling requirements.

♀ Most American conventional tampons are made from rayon, vicose, and cellulose wood fluff pulp and what American cotton is used, is 94% GMO.

♀ The average American woman uses up to 18,600 tampons in her life.

♀ Your skin is your largest and thinnest organ and it absorbs things directly into your blood stream.

♀ Pads aren't better in makeup. One researcher estimates each conventional pad contains the equivalent of approx. 4 plastic bags, do you want BPA on your most delicate skin?

♀ If you are not already using organic or natural feminine hygiene products, please switch to organic cotton in all of your bath products! Cotton balls, q-tips, start buying organic clothes only to the best of your ability, think about where the cotton is coming from.

♀ Here are some alternative organic and natural brands you can feel better about placing inside or near your one of your most precious body parts:
Seventh Generation Chlorine Free
Organic Cotton Tampons
Diva Cup*
Glad Rags Organic Pads
Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Tampons
Sea sponges!
UK: Moon Times Organic Cloths

*Diva Cup and Lunette have a lighter eco footprint than organic cotton and are reusable non-toxic cups that are placed within.

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