I was in MacDonald's the other day when I noticed an old couple probably about 8…

I was in MacDonald’s the
other day when I noticed an
old couple probably about
80 years old and they
bought a big Mac meal and
sat down. The old fella cut
the burger exactly in half
and proceeded to divide the
chips exactly into two I felt
sorry for them so went over
and said
‘Look I can see you have
only enough money for one
big Mac meal can I buy
another one so you can
have a meal each?’
He looked up at me and
said ‘ Thanks Son but me
and the wife share
everything. During the war
we were in an air raid
shelter during the blitz and
bombs were reining down
on us and we swore on that
day that if we survived the
bombing we would get
married and share
everything through out
lives. And that’s what we
did and we have shared
every thing since and now
here we are sharing our
burger and chips with a
sprite which is our weekly
And with that he started to
eat his burger and I noticed
his wife was drinking the
sprite and not eating the
I said’ I cant help noticing
that your wife is not eating
her half of the burger’
He said ‘ I told you son we
share everything ! ‘
I said ‘ So what is she
waiting for ?’
He said ‘ The Teeth ‘ …read more    

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