Glyphosate is a WMD.

Glyphosate is a WMD.

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Brazil's Public Prosecutor has requested a total ban on glyphosate based herbicides. The Public Prosecutor has also sought an injunction on 2,4-D as well as several other herbicides that are all suspected of damaging human health and environment, pending further toxicity studies and seeks to prohibit the release of 2,4-D resistant GMO crops. YAY! for Brazil. Let's hope they follow in Sri Lanka's footsteps and drop the ban hammer on Roundup and all glyphosate based herbicides. This leads us to ask: How many countries will BAN ROUNDUP before the U.S. decides it's not ok to feed us carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, genotoxic, neurotoxic and infertility producing Roundup and finally does the same?


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