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MANZINI – A police officer has been arrested and another detained and released after allegedly demanding a E6 000 bribe.
The police officers are also alleged to have further confiscated dagga from a suspect.

Constable Njabulo Mamba (28) of Mpolonjeni was arrested on Tuesday by his colleagues at the Matsapha Police Station (Esigodvweni). Well-placed sources revealed that the other officer, Nontobeko Dlamini (25), was released after they were both detained and was later made an accomplice witness in the case

While on duty, the officers allegedly confiscated dagga from the suspect on Monday night after they stopped his vehicle along the Manzini-Mbabane highway after suspecting that he was transporting dagga. After a search they are said to have discovered that the motor vehicle was loaded with bags of dagga. The motorist was enroute to Manzini from Mankayane where he had allegedly fetched the illegal herb. The officers are alleged to have demanded a bribe from him and assured him that he would be freed.

The alleged dagga dealer is said to have requested the officers to drive him to an auto teller machine (ATM) in Manzini so he could withdraw cash. “They drove together to one of the ATMs in town and the alleged dealer withdrew money and paid them E6 000. The officers told the man that he would also forfeit the dagga and that did not go down well with him. He then decided to report the matter to the police and the two were detained and questioned,” a source said.

Efforts to get the value of the dagga hit a snag as it was reported that investigating officers were still going to evaluate it. Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Superintendent Wendy Hleta confirmed the matter and said investigations were ongoing


MANZINI – One of the police officers alleged to have confiscated dagga and accepted E6 000 cash as a bribe from a suspect has been granted E2 500 bail.

Constable Njabulo Mamba (28) of Mpolonjeni appeared at the Magistrates court yesterday charged for contravening the Pharmacy Act.
The other officer, Nontobeko Dlamini, has since been made an accomplice witness in the matter.

Information gathered is that the two had been initially charged with corruption. The charge sheet was amended after Dlamini was made a state witness. Mamba, who was escorted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers, was represented by Simo Simelane from SP Mamba Attorneys. The officer appeared before Magistrate Lucia Lukhele and his attorney requested for bail on his behalf and stated that he was a police officer who stayed with his girlfriend in a rented apartment.

“Your worship, my client is also sickly. He also stands to lose his job due to continued incarceration. He also undertakes to abide by all the stipulated bail conditions. As the charge sheet does not have the weight of dagga, I request that my client be given a benefit of doubt on the issue of bail,” Simelane said.
Mamba paid the E2 500 bail.

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