Police fire into the air to stop dagga dealers {Swaziland} POLICE had to fire…

Police fire into the air to stop dagga dealers {Swaziland}

POLICE had to fire gunshots into the air several times to stop suspected dagga dealers who dashed for freedom to evade lawful arrest in connection with dagga that was found stuffed in four heavy bags and with a street value of close to E200 000.

This was after police from the Drug Squad were tipped off on Sunday about a suspicious looking van that had been seen near Tholulwazi not far from Nkwene, where dagga is reportedly grown at a large scale.


The police armed with all the information pertaining to the suspected dealers then drove straight to the said area where they took the dealers by surprise. The police officers noticed the white Toyota bakkie which they allowed to pass only to tail it towards the main road from the same direction the police had come from.

When the suspects’ vehicle was about to connect the main road, the four police officers then signalled the bakkie driver to stop.

At first, he ignored the police signals ordering him to stop and they later instructed him to stop through a loudhailer. The driver who is reportedly of South African origin stopped the car and it was then that the person on the passenger’s seat tried to flee.


This necessitated the police to fire into the air sending shockwaves into the community members who quickly ran for cover.

Others thought the dagga dealers were also armed and were exchanging gunfire with the police. The two men were arrested after being scared by the gunshots.

The two were found to be transporting the dagga which was loaded into four heavily loaded bags. The consignment which was found to be of high quality dagga was stuffed in the bags that were covered by a tarpaulin at the back of the bakkie.


Community member sources stated that the two suspects had come to fetch the dagga from one of the suppliers in the area and it could not be ascertained if they had already paid him or not. That the police got a tip off raised eyebrows as no one except them (suspects) and the supplier were aware of the deal.

Meanwhile, it has been established that one of the men has been identified as Ishmael Mthembu from Pongola in SA and is aged 31. He told the police that the vehicle they were using belonged to his father and he took the car to Swaziland to fetch the dagga without his (father) permission. He allegedly also told the police that he was a known dagga dealer and made his living through selling the illegal herb in his home country. The other suspect who is a Swazi identified as Kenneth Dlamini (45) from near Pigg’s Peak.


He was accompanying his friend from SA as he wanted to give him direction to Tholulwazi which is one of the areas known for producing good quality dagga considered first grade in the market. The two were supposed to make their first court appearance yesterday. Police mouthpiece Superintendent Wendy Hleta was still cross checking with the Nhlangano police about the matter when this report was compiled. “I have not yet managed to get hold of the police officers with the information but I would keep trying,” said Supt Hleta


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