We believe that this new Soil Test will be the Gamechanger :D Find out more:

We believe that this new Soil Test will be the Gamechanger ๐Ÿ˜€
Find out more:


Eco-Agri Consultants CC
As a Brookside Consultant, I have the privilege of access to world class analytical services for Environmental and Soil testing. A new soil test has just been launched, possibly the most meaningful soil test ever developed, which measures Soil Health. Two soils may show perfect soil nutrient balance on a normal soil test, however, crops may be far more productive in one soil and not the other due to Biological activity enhancing soil health and nutrient availability. The soil is an ecosystem and as it is living, extremely hard to measure. It can no longer be ignored as it is the most vital component of a productive soil. The potential of a crop is determined by the most limiting factor in the soil and the environment, and in this equation, soil biology has a huge role to play in sustainable agriculture. We as Humans are a manifestation of what our food eats. Healthy, nutritious food is produced in nutrient rich soils with a vibrant and active biomass ensuring optimum nutrient availability. This ensures healthy food grown with minimal, if any, chemical interventions. …read more    

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