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Agriculture Irrigation Using Chinampas

When wanting to grow with permaculture methods it's an excellent idea to mimic ancient agriculture techniques such as these. Chinampas are an ancient and beautiful way to grow food near water sources. Similar to growing in raised beds, this technique allows the roots of plants to suck up sufficient amounts of water and nutrients carried along within sediment by assuring that moisture remains where plants need it the most.

Chinampa: Raised-bed hydrological agriculture

“There is little doubt that the chinampas just south of Mexico City represent the most sophisticated version of Mesoamerican swamp agriculture… Production is year round and finely tuned. All in all, this is an engaging garden landscape or, rather, it was until mechanized commercial cultivation and suburbanization led to the obliteration of many chinampas”

Chinampas Gardens Explained

"There is plenty of room across the south shore of our pond and we plan to build three to five Chinampas extending out into the water like peninsulas for about 25 feet."

Chinampas: Building Your Own Floating Garden

"There’s one more chore before the chinampas is ready for planting: willows. Willows are the sort of tree where a single stick can be poked into wet dirt and then BAM! There’s a new willow tree. In order to create a root system that could hold the chinampas together and provide lasting support, a tall, columnar variety of willow was “planted” (jammed into the dirt) along the edges."

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