Dagga confiscated from a pupil Vosman police reported that they arrested a 16 y…

Dagga confiscated from a pupil

Vosman police reported that they arrested a 16 year-old pupil from one of the local secondary schools in one of their operations.

The pupil was arrested at one of the secondary schools in KwaGuqa Extensions on Wednesday, March 11 at about 09:00 during the police searches in the different schools.

They found 16 rolled papers filled with dagga and 21 matchboxes filled with dagga as well on him.

The police is carrying out their programs in preventing crime in their vicinity and they will continue with their programs. “We have other programs like the Adopt-a-cop where the schools and police can work in partnership to stop crime in schools. We also encourage members of the community to work with us to prevent crime especially in schools, as we all know about the drugs situation in our city,” noted Captain Klaas Maloka, Vosman communication officer.

Captain Maloka added to say that they will visit other schools and they encourage schools, parents and members of the community to invite them to any school when they notice anything suspicious. He said they aim to visit other schools in the future.
South African National Council recently reported it on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (SANCA) that eMalahleni is the drug capital of South Africa. It was also reported that about 92 drug addicts sought help at Sanca in March last year and 104 for the same month this year. The youngest patient is only 10 years old.

Constables Isaiah Mathau, Constable Manthwa Ngwenya, and Constable Amos Motha arrested the pupil.

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