Zambia: First Legal Marijuana Prescription Still Awaited Everything in this sma…

Zambia: First Legal Marijuana Prescription Still Awaited

Everything in this small global village seems to be a product for trade, we have observed of late that priests are not very different from thieves, politician have also taken the face of crooks and our sisters have taken their bodies as a product for sale.

As if this is not enough, it is increasingly becoming difficulty to know the motive behind certain human rights movements because innocent unborn children are being aborted mainly for social reasons than medical ones hence the feeling of every child being a blessing is constantly fading away.

The core moral values of our society are simultaneously being poisoned by policies that fail to contain glorification of non-sustainable concepts like full integration of marijuana as a medicinal drug.

Like the dry rot that eats away the wooden beams of a house, drugs can corrode the whole structure of society.

For human society to function properly, it must have stable families, healthy workers, trustworthy governments, honest police, and law-abiding citizens.

Drugs corrupt every one of these fundamental elements and marijuana is one of such drugs with a similar impact.

The world at the moment waits with its hands akimbo for a first legitimate prescription of marijuana on a large scale… ! Is this definitely in the near future? Many researches have been done on this topic and scant literature is available for review hence the urge for us to come up with this article.

It is worth noting here that there is actually nothing we have read that has convinced us to believe that it is absolutely necessary that marijuana be indiscriminately legalised as a medical solution in place of other options despite acknowledging the fact that it possesses some medicinal value. This is because we believe that one should not believe everything s/he reads. There is actually a proverb that says:

“Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word.” “But,” it goes on to state, “the shrewd one considers his steps.” Or as another Bible verse puts it: “Everyone shrewd will act with knowledge.” (Proverbs 14:15; 13:16) You therefore owe it to yourself to learn the facts about marijuana so that you can make an intelligent decision regarding its use. Let’s begin, then, by trying to understand why there is so much disagreement on this subject. Zambia: First Legal Marijuana Prescription Still Awaited
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