The fact that they have to inspect a persons private parts for dagga when they h…

The fact that they have to inspect a persons private parts for dagga when they have found nothing on the premises is a violation of human rights.

Over my dead cold body will another human being inspect my rectum for dagga. I KILL THEM DEAD!

This should make you mad! There is just no justification. I know some of you are thinking it’s just normal process for females officers to inspect other females private parts but it isn’t. It’s not normal. It’s not worth your human dignity. We are not criminals!

They come into your home, to arrest you for a harmless plant, find nothing they then subject you to sexual harassment in a last ditch effort in finding this harmless plant to convict you.

This is not ayoba! This does not sit well with me. I will never be able to just brush it off. Even if I have to share it every year. Until justice is served or truth revealed.

What if this happens to your grandmother, mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend.

~ MickeyD

Timeline Photos
“Maak oop jou poes dat ek die dagga kan sien.” {Die Son 2013}

Met dié woorde het Vrouemaand afgeskop vir ‘n 58-jarige antie van Epping Forest, Elsiesrivier, toe cops haar na bewering aangerand en kaal uitgetrek het.

‘n Ontstoke Patricia Claasen (58) sê die cops het haar 05:55 by haar huis in Debden-laan wakker gemaak.

Sy sê: “Hulle het gesê hulle is hier om te skud. Toe ek vra of ek eers toilet toe kan gaan, toe sê hulle ja.

“Maar ek het nog op die toilet gesit toe twee polisievroue inbars en

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