"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." Have y…

“Life is a succession of
lessons which must be lived
to be understood.”

Have you ever a read a book
and though you understood
what it was telling you, it
didn’t touch that something
inside of you that made you
feel its message; it didn’t
connect or resonate with you
on a deeper level of

Have you ever been given
advice from someone who
has had experience of a
particular situation or
circumstance, and again,
though you understood what
they were saying, the real
essence of what they were
trying to impart failed to
touch you in a way that
would stay with you?


Life is the finest, and
sometimes the most
harshest, teacher of all. For
life’s lessons, once taught,
are felt deeply and they do
stay with you. Life teaches us
all we will ever need to
know. Embrace the lessons
and be enriched by them,
and grow through them. …read more    

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