Narcotics Board won't endorse medical dagga as they are too busy getting drunk a…

Narcotics Board won’t endorse medical dagga as they are too busy getting drunk and high on caffeine. The vice president says he has yet to see the health benefits of medical dagga. Let’s arrange to hot box the Narcotics Board’s conference room. They will then come to a different conclusion. Ignorance should never be an excuse especially not from a person who are in charge of the Narcotics Board. From the public’s perspective he is then not qualified to serve the board in the interest of humanity. Lochan Naidoo must either get educated or should be relieved of his duties.

The board’s vice president, Lochan Naidoo, says South Africa would need to set up an independent board to oversee the use of medical marijuana.

He has been speaking at the launch of an international report in Durban this week.

Naidoo says legalizing medical marijuana is an expensive process and has the potential to make people not want to take established medicines.

“I have yet to see any evidence to show me the medical benefit of cannabis. If anyone has got that, I would like to say today bring it up with the scrutiny of the World Health Organisation Expert Committee to be able to determine the medical benefit of cannabis,” he said.

Maybe we should send Mr Naidoo some info on the medical benefits of dagga while he sips his whiskey.

Narcotics Board won’t endorse medical dagga
The International Narcotics Control Board says it will not endorse any efforts to try and legalize medical marijuana in South Africa. …read more    

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