The Anti Drug Alliance would like to comment on the many calls of support we rec…

The Anti Drug Alliance would like to comment on the many calls of support we received via social media channels, our website and via numerous calls and WhatsApp messages over the past while since the interview. Many messages came out attacking Cathy Vos from SANCA. Yes, much of what she said was somewhat propagandist and misinformed, however, please let us first take a look at the organisation and their relevance in our society. SANCA is an old, well established group of rehabilitation centers – REHABILITATION. They are funded by government, meaning they have to dance to the piper’s tune, and simply cannot speak out against the hand that feeds them (please excuse my misuse of euphemisms here). SANCA has lost their relevancy in a rapidly changing society, and are now simply around because they make good money from DSD, Lotto, private companies who donate, and people who have yet to realise that the archaic methodologies used by most rehabs simply do not work anymore – the one size fits all approach. Of course they would support prohibition – it pays them to do it. Diversion programs run by SANCA are paid for by government. Currently our government is against legalisation, and thus, SANCA must be as well. The Anti Drug Alliance strives to be the leader in drug and addiction based research, training, education, treatment and advocacy. We aim to maintain relevance and keep with the trends of society. We keep up with the latest trends in drugs – we know what Meow Meow is and its chemical composition and don’t confuse it with Nyaope. We believe dagga is less harmful than what the government would have you believe, and have close on two terabytes of data to prove our point. At this point, please note we are not “pro” dagga, or any other drug for that matter. We are PRO REFORM. We believe that addiction is a health issue and simply cannot stand back while many thousands of people are made out to be criminals for a health problem or alternative belief. Our treatment program holds the belief that most people who end up with us don’t have drug problems. They have life problems that ended up with drugs being used as a coping mechanism. We are 100% dedicated to ending the stigma attached to addiction.

We are not funded by government, and refuse to be. The moment we accept their money, we have to accept their rules. We believe that addiction is the problem in our society – not the substances. We believe in educating the public about the truth regarding drugs and addiction – not the watered down bull you hear from most people. Regarding dagga and psychosis – to say that dagga cannot cause psychosis would be scientifically incorrect. Certain people may be predisposed to certain psychiatric illnesses that are triggered by use of psycho-active substances such as dagga; hoewever, these illnesses could easily manifest with a variety of other substances, or even after traumas or due to massive emotional fluctuations. The question here would be HOW MANY people may react this way? Honestly we don’t know, and would love to see some research into this. WAIT. We can’t research it. Because even researching dagga is illegal. We would love to hear from you. Visit
Anti Drug Alliance South Africa
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