Please also do this. If we want change, we have to act.

Please also do this. If we want change, we have to act.

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Dupont/Pioneer Foods needs to hear from you directly. Base your comments on this draft by Mika Jean. *N.B*Scroll to bottom for Contact Addresses. ** "All comments or objections must be received within 30 Days from publication of this notice. (public notice on page 4 of the Sake Rapport (Gauteng, South Africa) on Sunday 12 January 2014)"
To whom it may concern;

We’re writing in connection to the public notice for the application for the general release of genetically modified maize in the Sake Rapport of 12 January 2014.

We, as consumers, strongly object to this intended release. GMO’s have not satisfactorily been proven to be safe for human consumption. In fact, many studies have proven the opposite. GMO’s have been connected to a huge array of illnesses through proven studies. Furthermore, GMO’s require the use of strong and unnatural herbicides, insecticides & fertilisers, which causes further damage to the consumer’s & soil health. This causes a vicious circle where plants need to be fertilised, because heavy use of herbicide & insecticide has depleted soil nutrients. This is not a sustainable way of farming and, in the future, our land will be rendered useless as these chemicals continue to destroy our fertile land.

What is even more concerning is the fact that these seeds are patented and the harvest cannot be used to plant the next year’s crop. Thus farmers are forced to buy new, expensive seed each year. This is again not a sustainable way of farming. It also does not seem like a healthy/good idea to allow a handful of companies to own all seed. Farmers should be allowed to save their own seed as they have for generations.

Seed should remain natural and should not involve chemical interference. The only acceptable interference is that of naturally cross-breeding plants. No man should be allowed to inject and pollute seeds with man-made chemicals for the financial benefit of one company, and especially not at the cost of the consumer’s health.

Many countries have now banned GMO’s. These countries include and are not limited to: France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Thailand & Italy.

There are many medical, moral & ethical issues surrounding GMO’s and I strongly feel that these should be thoroughly addressed and researched before any decisions are made surrounding the import and use of GMO’s in South Africa. We hope you will do thorough, unbiased research and also listen to the outcries of the people. We do not wish to be poisoned through food which should, in fact, be beneficial to our health.

Other contact addresses:

Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries:
the registrar Nompumelelo Mkhonzi…/Departmen…/394339123932293…


Directorate Genetic Resources -National office:
Tel: 012 3196253, Fax: 012 3196329,
Postal address: Directorate Genetic Resources, Private Bag X973, Pretoria 0001
Physical address: Harvest House, Room 261, 30 Hamilton Street, Arcadia, Pretoria

Pioneer Foods Corporate Office
32 Market Street
Paarl, 7646
South Africa
PO Box 20
Huguenot, 7645

Tel: +27 21 807 5100
Fax: +27 21 807 5280
Main contact: Kulani Machaba

Research Farm in Delmas – 087-985-2895
Contact: Marcel Koekemoer

Main Office
Outspan Building
1006 Lenchen Avenue North
Centurion 0046
Republic of South Africa
Tel: (27) 12 683 5700
Fax: (27) 12 319 6329
E-mail :
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