Video – We a culture of people made up of millions we want our freedom we want out rights The drug laws was made to stop people from using them . What it did was give crime control over the drugs people use and makes the abuse worst and makes for unsafe use. Why have it this way when their is a safer better way. Join us in this fight for our freedom for our rights and help spark up liberty flame and feel the warmth of freedom light Vote for a better way Carl Caswell just write the name in if you like a political worker who was first to speak at the state house and help get medical Marijuana been to the United Nation and trying to get The drug culture represented so they can have a voice to speak back with when their talk about. We want our freedom we want our rights and laws that don’t give crime control over the drugs people use. ” now for your enjoyment 174 Pleasant ST Marblehead Ma 01945 USA Want to help copy and post 781-771-4360 cell

millions of people a culture of people …read more    

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