Posted on my pages Hope it doesn't offend anyone but I had to do it: "No More…

Posted on my pages Hope it doesn’t offend anyone but I had to do it:
“No More BS from haters folks. I hope you feel the same. Have you ever been the new kid in school where the mean girls gang up on you and try to beat you up on the school ground in Jr. High? I went to 17 different schools in my life time. We were really poor growing up and had to move alot. It wasn’t fun. I used to get beaten up all the time. It always amazed me how while hearing the cheers of the crowd to “hit her again, hit her again” from people I didn’t even know who gathered around just to witness the drama of the fight. Then the “good people” would either run away or coward in fear that if they stood up for the beaten one, then somehow they would be targeted too. Sadly I recently witnessed this behavior in the cannabis movement. I refuse to stand by and watch anyone be bullied, ganged up on or to have their reputation destroyed. It’s wrong. I won’t stand for it. People can attack me for standing up for the less fortunate, they can say whatever they want. But I am committed to standing up for what’s right and to continue to focus on the POSITIVE people in our lives. For the “haters’ that claim they don’t like my pages, because they don’t like “my self promotion”. Well here’s a newsflash. This is a friends page. I post for my friends and loved ones. If anyone doesn’t like my posts, then just simply don’t follow me No skin off my back I assure you. For the good people in life, God bless you. Karma is on our side. Love you all. No more bullshit
– Cheryl Shuman

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