~Mrs.Puff's Budding School~ Hello Fans! Here's another grow tip! Grow Tip #3 :…

~Mrs.Puff’s Budding School~
Hello Fans! Here’s another grow tip!
Grow Tip #3 : Spider Mites
The outdoor environment is much less friendly to mites than indoors. Wind, rain, cool weather and predators will all take their toll on the mites. To remove most of the mites as the plants are moved outdoors, spray the plants with water using a hose with a nozzle. Mites hang out mostly on the underside of leaves so that’s where the spray should be aimed.The pressurized water dislodges most of the mite population, decreasing stress on the plants. After the plants are washed, spray them with an anti-transparent to prevent stresses that result in dehydration and wilting. Many mites and their eggs will become trapped in the thin film of drying anti-transparent that covers the leaf. Stay Lifted! :3

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