Stop This Insanity.

Stop This Insanity.

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Swat these GE mosquitos before they see the light of day! British biotech company, Oxitec, wants to release experimental genetically engineered mosquitoes into the Florida Keys. Once they’re out, there is no recall. And once Oxitec has their mosquitoes out in Florida, you can be sure they’ll do it in other states. Please take these actions:

Tell the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District to stop GE mosquito experiments:

You can also call & email at this address:
Phone: 305.292.7190

SIGN the Petition:



SAMPLE TEXT COMMENT, or write your own:

I urge you to reject Oxitec’s bid to experiment with GE mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

Oxitec admits their system isn't foolproof. About one female is accidentally released for every 1,500 male mosquitoes and the consequence of being bit by one these genetically engineered female mosquitoes is unknown. Biting female mosquitoes could inject an engineered protein into humans along with other proteins from the mosquitoes’ salivary gland. Oxitec has yet to conduct or publish any study showing that this protein is not expressed in the salivary gland and therefore cannot be passed on to humans.

We need more data. If something goes wrong the consequences could be catastrophic not only for humans but also the whole ecosystem. I don’t want this experimentation done in Florida or any part of our country.

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