Ireland: Irish parliament, the Dail, about half an hour ago voted against a motion to legalise and regulate cannabis in their country. The vote went down 111 against to 8 votes in favour of the motion. Looks like the Republic of Ireland still has a fair bit of progress to make. What is very good is the fact that the Cannabis debate has now well and truly emerged into the mainstream of Irish politics. Calls for its legalisation will only continue to grow especially as more and more countries drop their own prohibition laws in favour of sensible regulation of cannabis. On behalf of The Dagga Couple, NORML SOUTH AFRICA, Iqela Lentsango: The Dagga Party of South Africa and all the other dagga supporters in South Africa we say good luck to Norml Ireland and Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan TD in their journey ahead to bring sensible cannabis laws to the people of Ireland.

Dáil rejects Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan’s cannabis regulation motion

TDs have been debating the issue of cannabis legalisation for the last two days. …read more    

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