Hope everyone's having a great Halloween! To spice it up a bit here's a reminder…

Hope everyone’s having a great Halloween! To spice it up a bit here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs. The drawing will 100% be happening THIS weekend!
So share like a madman until then. On your wall, on other pages walls (generally more acceptable socially – none of us want to be spamming buttholes to our mates) and anywhere else you can think of.
Good luck! And good night ♥

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It's time for another of @[133235290028611:274:My bong is my child]'s famous giveaways people, with a bong from @[136879386350017:274:Below The Lion]!(www.belowthelion.co.za)

You know the drill people:
– Like our page
– Like this photo
– Share this photo
And you're in!

This giveaway is available worldwide so there's no reason not to give it a shot!
Huge thanks to our sponsors at www.belowthelion.co.za.

Be SURE to check them out for all the best deals (seriously these dudes do it ALL for the BEST prices)

Previous giveaways and winners can be seen in our photos tab 🙂
One love Bongalites <3 …read more    

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